Investement Partnership (Zhongyu)

i am Xie Zhongyu,
No.1080 Beijing Fortune Building
No.11 Dong San Huan Chaoyang District,
Beijing, 100004, China
China National Offshore Oil Corp

Dear Valued mate,

I humbly implore for your utmost consideration, as this mail demands your proposition of my expected investment in your country under your committal assistance.I am

xie zhongyu, one of the Outside Director (IMDB) of China National Offshore Oil Corp.,(CNOOC).

In an open mindset, I deliberately writing you to negotiate my suggestion for Joint Venture investment of company with you
in your country, if you consensually accept my bid for this gesture, Then I will be moved to equip you with the appropriate
details of my intended investment options and finances towards all legal procedures.

moreover, I want every of my co-operation with you to be carried out legally and in transparent manner.

Xie Zhongyu
Outside Director CNOOC


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